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FACE - Custom Blended Crème Concealer, (a combination of #6, 7 and yellow) and Warm Bronzer

EYES - Warm Camel as the base, Warm Nutmeg in the crease and Warm Aubergine (applied wet) lines the eyes and Dark Clarifier lines the inner rims

BROWS - Clear Brow Gel

CHEEKS - Mauve Crème to Powder Blush

LIPS - Mauve Lip Liner and Trae’s Favorite Lip Gloss topped with Confetti Punch just in the center of the lips

All makeup by Jesse Sage

Confetti Punch Gloss N
A sheer, sparkly white that is the ideal hue to enliven any shade
Mauve Blush
A medium toned mauve that creates the perfect flush, especially for medium skin tones.
Mauve Lip Liner
a medium-toned fleshy mauve
Refillable Trio with Brush
Fill this trio with any combination of lip color, eye color, cheek color or face color. Magnetic pans allow you to refill or change colors whevever you want.
Warm Aubergine
A deep, robust purple. Can be used as a contour or wet as a cake eye liner.
Warm Bronzer
Our Warm version is especially formulated for golden-toned skin, creating a healthy, fresh look without the damaging effects of the sun. Our Bronzers are smooth and silky with a delicate gold shimmer.
Warm Camel
A creamy beige. Can be used all over the eye as a color wash. This is the shade featured in People Magazine on Fergie.
Warm Nutmeg
An earthy russet tone that makes a great base shade. Also try it on the cheeks as a bronzy blush!

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