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Admit it. You’re carrying around some extra weight. Summer is here and it’s time to shed that extra beauty bulk with products that can multitask like the best of us. After all, who wants to carry around a bulky makeup bag when you’re out having fun in the sun?

For over 10 years, Three Custom Color Specialists have been creating products with multi-functionality in mind. Many products in the Ready-to-Wear line are great for double and even triple-duty beauty! Slim down your makeup bag and shed time off of your beauty routine with these products:

Beige Blush
A pale, suede tone. Perfect for a soft hint of Nude blush on Fair to Medium skin tones. Especially great for redheads! You can also use it alone on the lips for a soft, powdery veil or with a layer of Crystal Clear Gloss!
A glittery copper tone. This sultry shadow gives a warm, sunny, glow wherever its applied. Use alone or over any shadow for a shimmering effect. Also makes a great blush for medium to deep skin tones. Try it on the lips with Crystal Clear Gloss or all over the face as a shimmering bronzer.
Great for: deep toffees, chocolate brown shades and black tones. Use wet or dry on the brows, or try it on the eyes as a matte eye shadow for a rich smokey look or as a cake eye liner.
Crystal Clear Gloss N
Super high shine!
Medium Clarifier
This innovative, nude-colored pencil for medium to deep skin tones is the perfect solution to instantly alleviate the look of red, hazy eyes, making them brighter, whiter and more beautiful. This handy multi-purpose pencil also doubles as a spot concealer, perfect for small touch-ups.

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