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The only Concealer you'll ever need - Concealer, Foundation, Lipstick base and Eye Shadow Base all in one! Click here to learn more about skin tone and to view our models if you haven't already!
Aurora Creme Eye Definer
(black with blue pearl) – Whereas some black eye liners tend to look grey when they dry down, cool opalescence makes this unique black appear “blacker than black” and the whites of the eyes look extra white.
Jupiter Creme Eye Definer
(brown with violet pearl) – Warm opalescence makes this beautiful brown look bright instead of dull, as can be the tendency with browns. A great alternative to black for those who want more subtle look without sacrificing definition or for those who are more fair.
Salmon Blush
A fleshy russet tone that is great with peach and coral lip colors. For Fair to Medium skin tones.
Mauve Lip Liner
a medium-toned fleshy mauve
Perfectly Pink Lip Palette
Perfectly Pink - a collection of 10 irresistible pink lip glosses guaranteed to create a smile that's rosy and bright.
Mini Pressed Translucent Powder
This exclusive powder is ultra-light, matte and extraordinarily sheer. It applies perfectly on bare skin or over makeup creating a natural radiance while providing a smooth, lasting finish.

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