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Red Creme to Powder Blush - "I think it should be called 'Patricia's Red...'
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Cool/Warm Gloss Palettes - “...They’re definitely great to have on hand and they have been trusty little saviors. I like that they are small and easy to carry.”
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Patricia Regan- Makeup Artist
Red Creme to Powder Blush - “I think it should be called Patricia’s Red! The Creme to Powder blushes [...] are versatile and I use them continuously. The application is flawless and I have complete control over the saturation of color.”

Cool and Warm Lip Gloss Palettes - “...They’re definitely great to have on hand and they have been trusty little saviors. I like that they are small and easy to carry.”

Patricia often calls upon Three Custom Color Specialists to create custom colors for her high profile work in film and television - most often finding inspiration in the archive of over 10,000 discontinued shades in every color imaginable dating back to the 1930’s. "I enjoy the fact that I can go see them. The turnaround on orders is very quick and they are always a pleasure.”

Recent credits include: Remember Me, Shutter Island, Burn After Reading, The Good Shepard, Factotum, Flight of the Concords and HBO’s five-part miniseries Mildred Pierce, based on the 1941 novel by James M. Cain. Kate Winslet stars as Mildred Pierce and Evan Rachel Wood also stars as Veda Pierce.

A native of Switzerland, Patricia originally moved to New York with a scholarship to study dance. It was then when she first became enamored with the power of make up to enhance the arts. “I always loved theatrical make-up and its ability to bring characters alive.” Patricia says.

Thereafter, she made a gradual transition to becoming a makeup artist, at first working with photographers for fellow performing arts friends, and then journeyed through all aspects of music, television, rock 'n’ roll, the beauty industry, commercials and ultimately, creating characters for feature films. Patricia says, "I am so lucky and forever grateful, for I love what I do.”

Med-Dark Concealer Trio - This fits perfectly into my set bag! I use the trio to mix, blend, highlight and contour the perfect skin tone match.
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Coral Waterlilly Watercolours for Cheeks - This shade has a bulideable luminosity that compares to no other. I love it's versatility. I've used it on the cheeks, lips and eyelids to create some of my most desired looks.
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Lauren Napier - Makeup Artist
“A makeup artist's creative possibilities are limitless when you are working with Three Custom Color. Their devotion to creating quality products and signature colors is unparalleled. Three Custom Color's ingenious take on reproducing discontinued colors and perfecting existing shades is a benefit to the every day makeup wearer and the professional makeup artist. Three Custom Color products are a staple in my kit and part of each one of my makeup creations.”

Lauren Napier’s work has been seen around the world. She has worked for Vogue, Vanity Fair, Essence, Glamour, SHAPE and More Magazine. On television, Lauren’s makeup can be seen on The Rachel Zoe Project, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, NBC’s Today show, Access Hollywood, CNBC, the Bravo Network, the Disney Channel and she’s also worked on numerous films. As a bridal makeup artist, Lauren has conceptualized makeup themes for the most opulent brides and swanky bridal parties. She is respected for her imaginative makeup designs, long-wearing makeup methods and fresh perspective.

See her work at

Creme to Powder Blush - Cannot live without!!! The formula is perfect to create my "signature glow" on every face. Try Beige for that no blush flush or one of my three signature shades.
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Cool Bronzer - Perfection for the palest of skintones!!! Those with really pale skin have the hardest time not looking orange. This is the perfect shade, perfectly bronzed and never orange.
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Robert Jones - Makeup Artist and Best Selling Author
Why do I love working with 3 Custom Color? It is not possible to count all the reasons why! But, one of the most important is their undying commitment to helping me bring my creative vision to life with product and support. Custom products or signature 3 Custom Color product quality, love and passion is obvious.

Robert Jones is the founder and president of Robert Jones beauty

Born and raised in Houston, Texas; he is a well-known hair and makeup artist with more than twenty years of experience.

He is an international makeup artist and best selling author, with three books currently selling unbelievably well. He has recently released his latest book; "Looking Younger: Makeovers that make you look as young as you feel", as well as his two other books "Makeup Makeovers: Expert Secrets for Stunning Transformations" and "Makeup Makeovers: Weddings." And yes you have seen him on the Today Show as well as other shows all across the nation. His clients include magazines such as Marie Claire, Elle, Allure, InStyle, Glamour, Vogue, Brides Magazine, Elegant Bride, Shape, and Life & Style;and celebrities, everyone from Sheryl Crowe to the Dixie Chicks and Bridget Moynahan, as well as an endless number of commercial clients.

Robert believes he fell into his makeup art with a little heavenly guidance. When he was young, he obtained a scholarship from the Museum of Fine Arts in Texas. Surrounded by many young talents, he began to believe his paintings were not deep and creative enough and decided to instead explore and pursue an interest in acting. Later, he found a way to merge the two interests into a highly successful career as a makeup artist.

Now, he spends his time traveling the world making women feel and look their most beautiful, everything from the most glamorous magazine shoot to the girl next door.

Light & Medium Clarifiers - I cannot live without these Pencils - They go with me everywhere!
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Clear Brow Gel - I absolutely love this Gel-it never flakes or clumps (it’s also great as a clear mascara).
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Rebecca Restrepo - Makeup Artist
"I can not live without my Light and Medium Clarifiers. I absolutely love the Clear Brow Gel - it never flakes or clumps (it’s also great as a clear mascara). I also love the Crème to Powder Blushes, they go on matte and give a natural glow on the cheeks so you always look healthy in person and in pictures. Because of their textures they don’t spot or move on the cheeks. I was lucky to create my own, Rebecca’s Favorite. It has become a Three Custom staple!"

Rebecca, is native New Yorker of Colombian heritage. She works in editorial, advertising and on celebrities. She studied fashion at F.I.T. and received a B.F.A. at S.V.A., so makeup is the perfect progression and combination of her two loves. She is inspired by her fellow makeup artists, women, art and the native cultures of the world. She believes makeup should always be fun and pretty - it’s another accessory to our clothes and an extension of our personalities, after all! A woman can say anything she wants with a quick makeup change, it is the beauty of being a woman.

"I love Three Custom because of the quality of the products, the inventive take on products, the fact you can create a color or reproduce one that has been discontinued and their amazing customer service. They have products that no one has, like their Clarifying Pencils."

Shimmer Creme Trio - "An incredibly versatile trio that is so user-friendly. Love!"
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Papaya & Simply Beautiful Gloss - These 2 lip glosses are the PERFECT hues (one to "pop" and one to "look natural") I use them constantly! They are truly universally flattering.
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Dina Gregg - Makeup Artist
Dina spent her formative years drawing and painting and pouring over fashion magazines. She and her big sister regularly held mock fashion shows in the living room for their parents, and Dina loved painting her best friends' faces in the spirit of Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. So taken with all things glamorous, a 12-year-old Dina wrote her sixth grade "thesis" on Coco Chanel!

Years later, Dina is living out the dream of merging art and artifice in the context of makeup. She is frequently found on sets of editorial photo shoots as well as backstage at NYC, Paris and Milan collections. Dina is elated to be creating the makeup looks for the weekly catwalk on Bravo's "Make Me a Supermodel."

"I love Three Custom because they've always supported my creative + commercial projects in equal measure. I love playing with colors at their Color Studio, dreaming up new possibilities - and I can rely on their custom services to recreate my discontinued faves."

Visit Dina's site at

Cool Pink & Violet - You rarely get a chance to run onto a television set to do touch-ups, a favorite tricks is to use a lip pencil to shade the entire lip.
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Brown & Beige Creme to Powder Blush - These Blushes are great for when you want to add a healthy kiss of color to the skin, without adding real color. Great for men, too!
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Marisa Fazzina - Makeup Artist
Marisa has worked in various aspects of the entertainment industry, but made the switch to makeup in 1999 and has never been happier. A strong art background and intense passion for color led her to straight to fashion, where she began assisting top agency Makeup Artists - which she lovingly refers to as "the best school in the world!". Today, in addition to print/fashion, she also works regularly in television and on commercials.

"Color is everything and having the right colors for the various skintones I work on is the difference between making someone look good or making them look AMAZING! When my clients look in the mirror and say "Wow!", that's the best feeling and Three Custom is a big part of it!"

See her work at

Ski Bunny Lip & Cheek Stain - It is so beautiful and brings amazing life and vitality to both light and darker faces.
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Face Powder #5 - It is ideal for contouring both men and women.
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Nathan Johnson - Makeup Artist
Nathan Johnson's interest in make up began with his acting career. For 15 years he performed in films, television, print or stage productions. No matter what the medium, make up (and the artist applying it) was always an important part of his process.

As a make up artist, Nathan spends his time predominately in the entertainment world. His work can be see on Project Runway Season 4 (Bravo), Big Gay Sketch Show (LOGO), The 61st Annual Tony Awards (CBS), and numerous commercials. He has designed and applied make up for 2 off Broadway shows and several independent films. His celebrity clients include Ice T, Coco, Micky Dolenz, Stephen Spinella, Paul Vogt, Amanda Bearse, Kate Clinton and John Gallagher, Jr. His work has been featured in Rolling Stone and national print ads. Nathan also has a particular skill for special effects.

"My favorite thing about Three Custom Color Specialists is their accessibility. There is no other company that can recreate any make up ever made (down to color, texture, undertone, overtone) or just make something that you dreamed up in your head--and have it in your hands (with a rush) in a matter of a few days. Amazing!" Contact Nathan.

Perfectly Pink Palette - It is so much fun! The colors are beautiful and range from bold and sassy to soft and chic.
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Cool Lavender Lipstick - Gorgeous lip color. I reach for this lipstick more than any other when I work. It is the perfect lip color when you want to subtlety enhance your lip.
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Quinn Murphy - Makeup Artist
Murphy didn't have a beauty career in mind when he graduated from Boston University, but he did know that he wanted to end up in New York City. "I packed a U-Haul and moved the day after graduation," he says. A chance job opportunity from a temp agency landed Murphy in a position at Estée Lauder, where he worked in product development for the M.A.C. and Estée Lauder brands. "It was an eye opener," Murphy says. "I had this secret, undiscovered love of makeup, and it all kind of came out."

Murphy wanted to parlay his corporate experience into an even more creative venture, and found himself interested in the artistic side of the business. "I took a big leap and assisted for a long time with top industry makeup artists," he said. "Instead of learning to do makeup behind a counter, I learned from experts."

He also worked part time for Three Custom Color Specialists, making eye shadows, lipsticks, and foundations. His big break came with an unexpected phone call from Mariah Carey. "We hit it off right away, and the next thing I knew, she asked if I was available to do concerts, award shows, and photo shoots," he says. He ended up spending about eight months with Carey in 2008, traveling the world. "That experience just catapulted my career," Murphy says. Since then, he's worked with a number of high-profile clients, including Anne Hathaway, Liv Tyler, and quite a few Victoria's Secret models. And when he's not glamorizing clients for the red carpet, you'll find Murphy doing what he enjoys most: working on-set in a studio. "I love the creative process," he says. "I love what I do. I love working with different people all the time and not having a traditional nine-to-five job. I'm always learning."

See more here

Concealer Palette - 10 Shades to tackle any skintone on any shoot. I do not leave home without it!
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Clarifier Pencils - Immediately brightens and whitens. Definitely a make up artist must have!
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Kevin Hees - Photographer
Multi-talented Kevin Hees is a photographer and former make up artist whose work can be seen regularly throughout the entertainment and beauty industry. Kevin's work has been seen in publications such as CosmoGirl, Glamour and O Magazine. His expertise has earned him assignments with celebrities such as Kelly Clarkson, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Amy Smart and others. He has also created images for beauty clients such as Three Custom Color Specialists, Sephora and Stila Cosmetics.

Kevin's widespread knowledge of lighting, make up hair and computer techniques combine to facilitate his creative vision and elevate him to a level of the finest photographic artists. His vision is unique and his trademark style both original and recognizable.

"Everyone should know about Three Custom Color Specialists! What a genious idea! The Clarifying Pencil, Concealer Palette and Lip Glosses are just a few of my favorites. They go on with the greatest ease and they have colors to match every skintone. It is a great color line for artists and ladies alike. The color combinations are limitless! They can create any color you can dream up!"

Originally from Corpus Christi, Texas, Kevin currently lives in New York City. See more of Kevin's work here.

Pink Hyacinth Watercolour - This is the perfect pink for flushing cheeks with a soft flirty finish or a sexy, kiss of colour (and I created it!).
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Clarifier Pencils - For quick concealing, under eye clarification, highlighting and contouring, there is no better product in my kit
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James Vincent - Makeup Artist
A native of Rhode Island, James Vincent started his make-up career as a student studying Theater and Women' Studies at Rhode Island College and Brown University. Over the years his passion for the art of makeup expanded to include training and product development positions for such companies as MAC, Urban Decay and Stila. James is the co-founder of the hip, niche makeup line Pretty Pretty and now focuses his career on the development of the line while working internationally in fashion, film, theater and editorial. His work has been seen on the covers of Paper and Atomic and featured in magazines including ID, Index, Prudence and Surface. His resume for hair and make-up includes clients as diverse as designers Christopher Deane, Vera Wang and Sonia Rykiel and celebrities including Gina Gershon, Liv Tyler, Jordan Sparks, Bijoux Phillips and Jane Fonda. His work for television includes American Idol, America’s Next Top Model, and numerous credits for BBC America, BET and TLC. He has been featured on many television shows as a beauty expert such as NBC Universal's Home Delivery, TLC’s Faking It and NBC's The Today Show. Nylon magazine and WWD have named James as a "make-up artist to watch".

"I love working with 3C because there are no limits to what I can achieve with the 3C products or team. The product performs beautifully and whether I am working in print, television or theatrical situations, I can create any look. The 3C team has worked with me on numerous occasions to develop custom product. They made my clients and my projects their priority and allowed me to develop the colors and textures I needed to bring my vision across."

Concealer Palettes - Are a must have at all times. I love to be able to mix the perfect shade on my client Mary J Blige no matter what season.
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The Crème to Powder Blushes - The Plum is one of those products that I can never be without (Mary J loves it!). I use it all over. It gives that, just kissed by the sun look.
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Troy Jensen - Makeup Artist
Known for his remarkably star-studded roster of celebrity clients as well as an intense passion for illuminating the unexpected beauty in each of those clients' faces, Troy Jensen is an example of a makeup artist at the top of his game in Hollywood. Whether he's going for a fresh-faced, dewy look on a TV starlet or unusually dark, mythic visage for a band member in a music video, Troy always has a specific vision for the person with whom he works. Most notably, Troy's unique background in art and music contributes to the overall effect of raw glamour so consistent in his work. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Troy Jensen is currently expanding his work with well-known celebrities and artists into his new style and beauty Webcast show called Style Studio on!

"Founder Trae Bodge has been so great to keep me supplied with all my favorite 3C products to use on all my top celebrity clients. The fact that they can produce any product is great when I find, let's say a lipstick that gets discontinued; I can send it to Trae to reproduce so I can always have my favorite shades. The Eye Shadows are also favorites of mine. They go on with ease and blend like velvet."

Clarifier Pencils - These pencils work like magic to open and brighten even the smallest eyes.
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Warm Brown Sugar Eye Shadow - I have never met an eye that didn't love this perfect shade of brown.
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Jesse Sage - Makeup Artist
Jesse is a freelance makeup artist based in New York City. Growing up in suburban New Jersey, Jesse followed her family's dreams for her and pursued a successful career in business. However, Jesse found that her creative passions were not stirred by the day-to-day business world so she dove headfirst into the study of makeup artistry, which changed her life!

Jesse's work has been featured in Shop, Etc., Teen People, FHM, Rolling Stone and Elegant Bride among many others.

"3CCS is one of my favorite lines, especially the gorgeous glosses! The texture of the concealers is designed to blend easily to create perfect skin. And as an artist, I no longer have to stress about discontinued products - 3CCS can re-create anything!"

Translucent Face Powder - This powder is the most sheer, undetectable powder I have found on the market. It is absolutely traceless, leaving the skin matte, not dull.
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Black Eye Pencil - I have tried many eye liners in the past and none of them can beat the quality and velvety richness of this one.
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Elisa Flowers - Makeup Artist
Elisa Flowers started a career as a makeup artist while earning her BFA in Drawing and Painting at the University of North Texas. Elisa's make-up can be described as simple, creative and painterly.

Elisa's work has been seen in: Rolling Stone, Maxim, Teen People, Esquire, GQ, In Style, Paper, Seventeen, and Lucky. She has also worked with MTV, VH1, the Today Show and on numerous commercials. She continues to work NY Fashion Week and collaborates w/ artists, designers + magazines. Elisa currently lives and works in NYC.

"3CCS has an amazing staff + studio in NYC. Coming to NY and experiencing the services is a must! You can only imagine the lab that can be viewed from afar - an unbelievable number of jars filled with micas, lipstick, powders and glitter - all waiting to be mixed and pressed. They can re-create any discontinued make-up item that one can't live without and their Ready To Wear line is simply beautiful!"

Concealer Palette - Perfect for concealing but I also love it as foundation for a clean beautiful application.
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A Century of Red - The color range goes from bold to soft and makes it simple to choose a lip color or mix up your own.
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Michael DeVellis - The Powder Group
As founder of The Powder Group and former Executive Director of Artist Relations for MAC, Michael has the inside track on what it takes to make it big in the makeup artist industry. 10 plus years of experience working with dozens of top artists, agencies and products affords Michael a rare opportunity to understand the many facets of the industry. His diverse background, including product and makeup program development, education and administration, enables him to share the must-have creative and business skills required to be a success in the ever-changing makeup artist community.

Bronze Eye Shadow - My all time favorite! It makes almost anyone's eyes "pop!"
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Warm Bronzer - Dusted on the high points of the face, it instantly gives the most beautiful glow to the skin during the cold winter months.
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Chad Hayduk - Three Custom Color Specialists
Chad spends most of his time as our Color Director, developing new shades and products for the brand, acting as domestic wholesale director, and serving as our liaison with makeup artists in film, theatre and TV. Chad also works in the field as an editorial makeup artist. His specialty - beautiful, glowing skin!

Chad has appeared in the New York Times, Women's Wear Daily, Figure as well as on CNN, Relationship Rehab, WB and Main Floor. In addition to his work with Three Custom Color Specialists, Chad has served on the Cosmetic Action Council and the Cosmetic Mentorship Programs at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Contact Chad.

"It has always been my dream to own a cosmetic company. I can play in our lab every day and make any color imaginable. I really have a dream job!"

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